Bastien Jordi
Ph.D. Student

ACEX, Room E455-B

Bastien is currently a PhD student at Imperial College London in the Department of Aeronautics. He is supervised by Prof. Spencer Sherwin and Dr. Colin Cotter and his main research interest is stability analysis of separated flows. His PhD is founded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme and is part of the ANADE project which aim is to provide a common training program based on strong collaboration between industry and academia.
Bastien’s research were firt focused on the development of a strategy to obtain the steady-state solution of the fluid motion equations. This steady flow would then be used as a “base flow” to compute stability analysis. The outcome of this work was an alternative “encapsulated” formulation of the Selective Frequency Damping method. The method appeared to be efficient to obtain unstable steady-states and very easy to implement as a wrapper around an existing “black-box” unsteady solver. This work has been published in Physics of Fluids in March 2014.

Also, Bastien is interested in the analysis of vortex dominated flows. Controlling vortices is a concrete challenge for the aeronautics and automotive industries. For example Formula 1 front wings are designed to generate vortices to obtain the best car balance possible (see this animation where the vortex generated by the Red Bull is more stable than the one of the Ferrari). Bastien will focus his future research on the study of co-rotating vortices, which typically appear in the wake of a transport aircraft in high-lift configuration (with the flaps deflected).

Co-rotating Batchelor vortices (iso-surfaces of Q criterion).

Research topics

Stability analysis
Steady-state solver
Selective Frequency Damping method

Bastien obtained his Master’s degree at the French engineering school ENSEIRB-MATMECA (Bordeaux, France) in September 2011. He was in the department of Mechanics and Mathematical Modelling and specialized in Fluid Dynamics.
Bastien’s Master’s thesis was focused on the shape optimization of an actuator using penalization and level-set methods. This work was carried out between February and September 2011 under the supervision of Charles-Henri Bruneau and Iraj Mortazavi within the INRIA MC2 Team (Bordeaux, France). The outcome of this project was published in May 2013 in Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization.
Bastien E. Jordi,  Colin J. Cotter and Spencer J. Sherwin. Encapsulated formulation of the Selective Frequency Damping method (preprint: arXiv:1311.7000).  Physics of Fluids.
Charles-Henri Bruneau, Frédéric Chantalat, Angelo Iollo, Bastien E. Jordi and Iraj Mortazavi. Modelling and shape optimization of an actuatorStructural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (2013): 1-9.